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7:00 Am, the bedroom lights automatically light up,

curtains slowly opened, music sounded, start to play your

loved songs. A new smart life is coming; when entering

the bathroom, lights and music are automatically on,

bedroom’s music is Off; When you finish washing and

walk out of the bathroom, lights and music automatically

Off. TV is on in the living room, TV will automatically

switch to the News channel, watching the TV while

enjoying the breakfast.

8:00 AM, TV will automatically power off, ready to

go to work , ever ything goes into the "Leaving" scene,

Garage door automatically open. Indoor lights, air

condition and the gas system automatically closed.

Security system is ON, go to the company at ease.

5:00PM nearly off work, outdoor temperature still at a high

level, Home kit controller terminal turn on air conditioning in the

living room, adjust to the appropriate temperature; In winter,

turn on the power of the underfloor heater or water heater, and

is adjusted to a suitable temperature.

6:00PM, pick up your children, drive back to home,

to the garage door, into the "Home" scene, the garage

door automatically open, lights from the garage to the

living room are automatically on, preset function is

starting, the curtain and lights slowly open, wonderful

night view in front of your eyes.

7:00 PM, sitting on the sofa, taking a rest, let soft

music relax yourself from busy work : background music

sounded, ready for dinner, enter into “Dinner ” scene,

lights on, curtains open automatically in the dining

room, drink wine with your beloved, enjoy the delicious


10:30 PM, entering into "sleep" scene, preset

lighting scene is on in the bedroom, curtains

automatically close, lights are automatically Off in the

washing room. Entering the bedroom, security system

start working, perimeter security system, doors and

windows are all in alert.




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